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A clinical evaluation of the Wesley-Jessen astigmatic hydrophilic Dura-Soft contact lens (Phemecol)

1 May 1977


Fifteen patients were fit with the Dura-Soft™ (Phemecol) hydrophilic astigmatic contact lenses. Due to length of time to receive the lenses only three patients were considered full time wearers at the time of publication. One patient was taken off the study due to physiological incompatibility to the lens. Of the thirty lenses ordered, sixteen were reordered. Stx were changed for spherical power, three for cylinder power, three for cylinder axis, three were ordered flatter than verified basecurve, twelve were ordered steeper than verified basecurve, and for twelve lenses the prism component was changed. Many of the new lenses ordered required more than one lens variable changed.


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