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Intraocular pressure measurements in preschool children

1 March 1991


Two hundred thirty seven children between forty two and seventy eight months were tested for Intraocular pressure (lOP). Age was separated into six groups 42-48mos., 49-54mos., 55-60mos., 61-66mos., 67 -72mos., 73-78mos. Four measurements were taken in each eye. Mean lOP of the right eye (00) was 13.59mm Hg with a standard deviation of 2.53mm Hg. The left eye (OS) was 13.75mm Hg with a standard deviation of 2.69mm Hg. The mean of all eyes tested was 13.67mm Hg with a standard deviation of 2.48mm Hg. Statistical comparison of lOP was completed between age groups for OD, OS, and the mean of all eyes tested in each age group. No significant difference in lOP was found between the different age groups. The Keeler Pulsair proved a very successful instrument in measuring lOP in preschool children.


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