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The effect of CDC recommended disinfecting solutions on Goldmann tonometer biprisms

1 August 1987


Twelve new Goldmann biprisms were used to measure the intraocular pressure of the right eye of a single subject four times each day for fifteen days. Between measurements, nine of these biprisms were disinfected in the three solutions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as effective against the AIDS virus. The remaining three biprisms were disinfected by rubbing the biprism face with an isopropyl alcohol swab, a standard procedure in many clinical settings. The intraocular pressure measurements obtained using the four disinfecting regimens were compared to determine if any of the regimens influenced the results. At the time of measurement each biprism was evaluated to determine if any of the regimens affected the clarity of its front surface or the image of the Goldmann rings seen when performing the measurement. When comparing the clarity of the biprisms, those soaked in alcohol were found to be significantly different from all other groups, with all of the alcohol soaked biprisms being unusable after the fourth day. None of the other three disinfecting groups differed significantly from each other in regard to biprism clarity. Because the biprisms soaked in alcohol were unusable so early in the study, they were not used in the statistical analyses of lOP measurement and biprism image quality. No clinically significant difference was found in intraocular pressure measurements obtained with the three remaining disinfecting regimens of hydrogen peroxide, bleach and alcohol swab. When comparing the image seen while performing the Goldmann measurement, a significant difference was found between the hydrogen peroxide treated biprisms and those treated with bleach or the alcohol swab, with the hydrogen peroxide treated biprisms showing less image distortion. These results suggest that of the three disinfecting reigmens approved by CDC, hydrogen peroxide is the disinfecting agent of choice for the Goldmann biprism.


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