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Physical therapists' attitudes toward the upgrading of entry-level education to the post-baccalaureate degree

1 May 1989


The purpose of this research was to determine the attitudes of physical therapists on the subject of raising the entry-level of physical therapy to a master's degree. A survey addressing the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading the physical therapy entry-level was designed. Surveys were sent to 150 physical therapists. Seventy-five of the subjects were selected from a list of APTA members and another 75 subjects were selected from an alumni listing from four master's degree entry level-physical therapy programs. The results showed that therapists with an entry-level degree in physical therapy were much more supportive of the position to upgrade the entry-level. All therapists agreed that the length of education needs to be extended to incorporate the expanding body of knowledge in physical therapy, and that a therapist with master's training is better prepared to do clinical research.


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