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Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder - A review for the optometrist

1 May 1996


Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder is a syndrome involving attentional impairments, impulsivity, and motor overactivity. This disorder has a long history of misunderstanding concerning its origins and areas of involvement. Early researchers believed the condition to be a result of brain damage. More current research points to environmental factors which may contribute to its development. There are various treatment options available, including pharmacotherapy, behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and vision therapy. Optometrists should be aware of the options available for parents as to treatment for their children. They should also be prepared as to what to expect when testing a child with ADHD and what training techniques may be of benefit for these children. A team treatment plan including parents, teachers, and doctors is the most effective way to give the ADHD child his or her best chance at success.


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