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The clinical value of Bausch and Lomb kalichrome and Corning CPF 550 tinted lenses to patients with cataracts: Four cases

1 January 1983


Tinted lenses have been used in different ways for many years. One application of tinted lenses has been therapeutically to patients with cataracts. In this study, four cataract patients, screened to meet a number of restricting criteria, participated. In an initial examination, acuity, contrast sensitivity, and color vision were tested under habitual conditions, then with a Bausch and Lomb Kalichrome clip-on over the spectacles, and finally with a Corning CPF 550 clip-on over the spectacles. The patients then wore and evaluated each tint for a period of two weeks. Neither tint improved acuity or contrast sensitivity in the clinic. The CPF 550 worked well to relieve the subjective symptoms of two of the patients, while the Kalichrome tint worked quite well for the other two.


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