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A clinical evaluation of the Dow Corning silcon contact lens

10 March 1984


A clinical evaluation was made of the Dow Corning SILCON lens. Designed to be optically clear and stable, it also has the highest 0xygen permeability of all other rigid lenses presently available. Physiological difficulties with the lens such as its non-wetting surface accounted for most of the initial fitting failures. The first fit success of fourteen eyes was twenty-nine percent. This increased to seventy percent after one lens reorder and after a second reorder success was achieved for all patients. The base curves of all the lenses were verified before dispensing and at the last progress exam. Some changes were found, but they were statistically insignificant at the .01 level. The findings also showed changes that suggested increased corneal thickness with initial wear and a subsequent decrease in thickness as wearing time increased.


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