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Integrating math, writing and science

1 January 1999


The purpose of this research project was to answer the questions I had about integrating math, science and writing to achieve higher computation and writing scores. I also questioned whether doing a number of science experiments would improve student attitudes toward science. My research lead me to read numerous articles about subject integration and what I read was positive. The articles about integrating math and science stated that higher test scores and improved student attitudes followed integrating these two subjects. This study took place at an elementary school in Oregon I shall name Westside Elementary. The students who participated in this research were second graders from two classes in the same building. I asked another teacher to allow her class to be a control group while my class was the experimental group. I then assigned twenty science experiments during the year to my class. We both administered math tests, writing tests and attitude surveys in October of 1998 and May of 1999. I then collected and analyzed the results of the tests and surveys to see if there was any difference between the two classes due to the increased number of science experiments. I noticed a marked difference in the scores of the surveys between the experimental and control groups. The students' enthusiasm for science was unwavering during the year and I believe an integrated approach to science was one of the reasons.


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