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Foucault, Dewey, and the at-risk student

25 January 1992


High school is often the final chapter of education for at-risk students. Many at-risk students will drop out at the secondary level, while others will barely graduate. It is imperative that the educational community find a way to reach at-risk students, so that their academic future can be redirected.

An observational study was done on eight at-risk high school students in a wildlife biology class. The study had two objectives: One was to see if these at-risk students could be placed into a Foucauldian context. The second was to determine if the Deweyan approach to teaching was an effective method in reaching these at-risk students. The observations indicated the Deweyan method utilized in the wildlife biology class was a success, but did not provide clear evidence whether these eight students could be viewed in a Foucauldian framework.


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