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Alternative assessment

1 December 1993


The contents of this paper provides information on alternative assessment in education. In the educational system of "old", assessment could be described as a paper and pencil exam. The teacher hands out a written exam and the students fill in the answers to the best of their knowledge. The score the child receives on the exam is the assessment of the child's progress. However, in today's educational system, evaluation has undergone a change referred to as alternative assessment. Alternative assessment is an on-going process integrated into a classroom's daily schedule. It relies on demonstrated performances rather than contrived activities. Alternative assessment is concerned with testing the "whole child" and uses a variety of methods. I have found that teachers who implement alternative assessment in their classroom are pleased with the results. It has been referred to as a time saver for teachers and a learning tool for students. The only shortcoming to alternative assessment is its newness to education. Teachers have no training for implementing alternative assessment and they find it difficult making the change on their own.


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