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American Pocket Mouse Fleas with One New Species

1 June 1943


Pocket mice were first discovered by Maximilian, Prince of Wied, during his journey up the Missouri River, and in 1839 he described and figured Perognathus fasciatus from specimens taken near the mouth of the Yellowstone River in North Dakota. During 1889 Merriam in North Am. Fauna, No.1, tentatively revised the group and added new species. During 1900 in North Am. Fauna, No. 18 Osgood added thirteen new forms and bits on habit and range. During 1923 Garrit Miller, Jr. in "List of North American Recent Animals" lists 93 forms. H. E. Anthony in "Field Book of North American Mammals" (1929) publishes remarks on 57 forms. From the above works and other shorter sketches it is evident that pocket mice are found in all the desert wastes west of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, south of Ashcroft, British Columbia, to Tlalpam, Mexico. It seems that almost every patch of desert in this range has one or more of its own forms of pocket mouse.

Pocket mice of the genus Perognathus are found only in North America.


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