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Development and implementation of a web site for Maycock Optical

1 May 2006


Maycock Optical was not using the Internet to its advantage by providing patients with a well designed, informative, and user friendly Web site. With today's market becoming increasingly competitive, it was imperative that Maycock Optical employ every opportunity to further its growth in the optical industry and embrace the Web as another means to fulfill its objectives. This project concentrated on the development of a dynamic, information based web site for Maycock Optical. This project focused on producing a functioning Web site for Maycock Optical. This site was designed with Microsoft Front Page 2003 and was uploaded to the World Wide Web on January 16th 2005. With the implementation of a Web site, Maycock Optical has been able to provide patients with information about the company in a form that allows access at their convenience. The Web site is an effective means to inform customers of our store's history, our locations, the services we provide, and the products we offer. With today's computer savvy consumers spending a considerable amount of time online, the majority of current patients and prospective patients will expect a presence on the Web. When an optometrist is aware of the nuances of Web site development, a company Web site can be custom built to the exact specifications that a doctor desires. It can aid in building a practice by educating patients, as well as offering convenient e-commerce possibilities.


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