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Thinking tools: An inquiry into critical thinking

1 January 1996


Critical thinking is a component of education that encompasses several necessary skills. Some of these skills include problem-solving, inquiry, creativity and oral discourse. The idea of critical thinking emphasizes the student in an active role in the educational process. This research study isolated several key questions concerning critical thinking in the classroom. ,How do students respond to and show evidence of critical thinking in a sixth . grade classroom. How do students feel about lessons that involve critical , thinking? &?w is critical thinking implemented into the classroom? How do students feel about working with other classmates? This study utilized a variety of methods to evaluate these questions, including a literature review, ,," observations in class settings, and a survey. This research study focused on a sixth grade classroom. Critical thinking was observed on a daily basis and several interesting conclusions were identified. The findings included components like enthusiasm toward critical thinking assignments, preferences towards group-work activities, and a strong relationship between the teacher and the student with respect to learning styles and a safe environment for learning.


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