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A Functional Closed-Chain Proprioceptive Exercise Protocol as a Rehabilitation Approach in Therapy Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

1 May 2003


This study examined records of patients who underwent a TKA procedure and compared data of patients receiving a functional proprioceptive closed chain exercise protocol to those who received a more traditional rehabilitation approach to therapy. Subject records were gathered through a convenience sample of daily progress notes from outpatient physical therapy. Statistical analysis was performed to determine differences in time from surgery to discharge from outpatient therapy, time from initial evaluation to discharge in therapy, total number of therapy sessions, and gains in range of motion (ROM) for knee flexion and extension. A significant difference (P=.02) was found only in number of outpatient therapy sessions (mean 9.89 versus 15.64). Though significant differences were not found in all categories, a larger sample size may have yielded different results. We feel a closed chain exercise approach that focuses on enhancing proprioception is a very beneficial treatment technique and may lead to faster recovery times and functional gains.


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