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Should I Stay or Should I Go: Roommate Satisfaction

18 July 2011


College retention refers to students enrolling each semester until graduation, studying full-time and will graduate in approximately four years. When students leave college before graduation, they are considered “dropouts”; dropouts reflect poorly on the institution. The purpose of this study was to examine first-year student’s roommate satisfaction and the relationship to second-year retention. Participants included 158 first-year students at Pacific University that resided in campus residence halls. Students were administered electronic surveys that examined roommate satisfaction. No statistically significant data was found; however, the qualitative data that was collected provided insight into future research or interventions. For example, an intervention that educates students and RAs on effective communication and problem solving skills, or modifying the way students are matched may increase satisfaction ratings for roommates and thus Pacific. By increasing satisfaction, students may be more inclined to persist to the next semester.


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