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The professional image of physical therapy as viewed by Oregon physicians and physical therapists

1 May 1992


Physical therapy is a relatively young profession that started during World War I with reconstruction aides. Today, physical therapy is a profession that is seeking autonomy. In this study, 400 surveys were sent out to members of the Oregon Medical Association and Oregon Physical Therapy Association to assess the professional image, based on Moore's criterion, of Oregon physical therapists. Of the 400 surveys, 107 (53%) physical therapists and 32 (16%) physicians returned useable surveys. The data was analyzed by using chi-square with alpha set at 0.05. Both physical therapists and physicians perceive themselves as professionals in their respected area of health care. The physicians that were surveyed see physical therapists as professionals possessing evaluative skills and autonomy. Physical therapists' perceptions of physicians' attitudes about them in regards to autonomy and evaluative skills were similar to the physicians.


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