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Integrated Technologies, Innovative Learning (Vol. II)

1 January 2005


Hundreds of teacher education programs throughout the United States are currently working to determine how to best prepare teachers so they can effectively harness the potential of technology for learning. Hundreds of school districts and institutions of higher education throughout the nation are working to maximize the return on their investment in technology. The over 400 consortia of the Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology (PT3) program have redesigned undergraduate and graduate curricula, addressed issues of digital equity, and established innovative ways of transforming teacher education through the power of technology.

The two volumes of this book document significant insights of PT3 projects around the country. Volume I is available in paperback from ISTE and includes 20 chapters filled with a wealth of ideas and approaches for integrating technology in teacher preparation. The chapters in this second volume of the book further document implemented and tested strategies that represent geographically broad and economically diverse contexts.


File nameDate UploadedVisibilityFile size
1. ASU’s Integrated Field-Based Technology Model: A Legacy of Collaborative Regeneration (Rutowski, Christine, Kopcha & Igoe)
18 Mar 2020
134 kB
2. If at First You Don't Succeed...Learning from Mistakes and Developing a Better Student Portolio (Coleman & Janz)
18 Mar 2020
387 kB
3. T.H.E. QUEST: A Statewide Initiative (Callaway, Matthew & Letendre)
18 Mar 2020
114 kB