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Antidepressant medication in the outpatient treatment of nonpsychotic, nonbipolar depression: Variables to consider in deciding on a referral

28 July 1992


Humanitarian concerns are of the upmost importance in treating a client suffering from depression. The psychologist is moved to conclude the depressive episode with the greatest speed and in the most helpful and efficacious manner. An important treatment concern is when an antidepressant medication becomes an asset to the treatment. This literature review attempted to address and answer that question. There are many limitations to the answer as is evident by the many modifying variables. These modifiers bring with them many of the complexities that humans are capable of possessing. On the one hand, these modifiers may add to the psychologist's sense of frustration; they do not allow treatment to be crisp and delineated. On the other hand, continued exploration of these variables, as attempted in this literature review, may continue to refine guidelines which support the clearest possible clinical decision-making.


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