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Peer conflict mediation at the middle school level: One school's program

18 December 1995


This paper explores the benefits of peer conflict mediation programs in the schools, specifically at the middle school level; seventh and eighth grades. At this age students need to feel that they are taking a proactive part in the daily running of their lives; that they are in control. Personal justice is especially significant at this level. Peer conflict mediation addresses and accommodates many of these needs within the current public school structure. Through observations and interviews, data has been collected that backs up current research on the subject of peer conflict mediation. The researchers contend that the institution of conflict mediation programs in public schools help to increase effective communication skills and instruction/learning time. At the same time researchers stress a reduction of administrative disciplinary interventions and violence when a school has an effective conflict mediation program. This study shows how one school, its students, staff and administration, and the surrounding community, uses and benefits by a peer conflict mediation program.


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