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The effectiveness of enzymatic cleaner on rigid gas permeable contact lenses

1 May 1993


A clinical study was conducted in order to detennine the effectiveness of enzymatic cleaner in the care regimen for rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Twenty six current rigid contact lens wearers served as the study subjects. Each subject received a newly manufactured pair of TRANS-AIRE rigid gas permeable lenses to be used during the study. One lens for each subject was randomly assigned to be cleaned according to a daily surfactant cleaning regimen for the duration of the study. The other lens for each subject was assigned a regimen of daily surfactant cleaning plus weekly use of Allergan ProFree GP enzymatic cleaner. After a study duration of approximately fifteen weeks the lenses were collected, filmed using a video slit lamp, and a deposit evaluation was conducted by the masked researchers. The lenses assigned to the enzyme cleaning regimen were judged to contain borderline statistically significant fewer deposit than the lenses assigned to the daily cleaning only regimen. (p = 0.0736) The study also evaluated subjective responses obtained by pre-study and post-study questionnaires concerning enzymatic cleaning.


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