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Chronology of volunteer vision care in Baja California Sur

1 May 1988


In June 1986 volunteer vision care services were provided to a Mexican population in Mulege, Baja California Sur and the surrounding area. These services were performed by students from Pacific University College of Optometry's Amigos Organization. The students spent three weeks in Mulege seeing patients with the intent of improving their optometric skills and experiencing another culture. A total of 237 patients were seen and 153 spectacles were distributed. The refractive status of the population was examined and found to be mainly emmetropic or hyperopic. The apparant pathological status of the patients was evaluated and most common were pterygium, pinguecula, cataracts, arcus senilis, and conjunctival melanosis. This is believed to be in part due to the climate of the area. The trip was a valuable learning experience for the students and provided many ideas for future care possibilities.


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