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Making adaptations for students with learning disabilities

4 August 1994


This study examines whether or not teachers are making appropriate adaptations for students with learning disabilities and how teachers feel about making adaptations. Many teachers feel that making adaptations are desirable, but not feasible. The more feasible adaptations are ones which related to students's social and motivational wellbeing. Often teachers believe that having stUdents with learning disabilities in the regular education classroom is a burden, and often treat disabled students more negatively than students without disabilties. Observations done in an elementary school found that students with learning disabilities are treated differently. These students were often ignored and unacknowledged by the teacher. Negative comments spoken to other teachers indicated how teachers felt about these students with learning disabilities. These teachers did not make many adaptations in lessons for students with learning disabilities, but felt comfortable with the education they were giving the students. Students with learning disabilities did not satisfy curriculum objectives, but did go on to the next grade level because they are socially ready for it.


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