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Corneal rehabilitation of long term PMMA lens wearers using SGPII RGP lenses

20 April 1988


The adverse effects of long term PMMA lens wearers include edema and corneal changes, which lead to decreased wearing time of lenses and refractive changes. To alleviate or prevent such detrimental effects, corneal rehabilitation with RGP lenses is mandated. In this study, long term PMMA lens wearers (average of 17.7 years) were refitted with the SGP II RGP lenses of the Permeable Contact Lens Company. The fitting technique consisted of using the lacrimal line/reference line in assessing a proper fit. Due to subsequent changes of the metabolism of the cornea, the lenses had to be modified during progress evaluations. After the cornea stabilized, the mean corneal thickness had decreased.


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