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Crazytime: Adolescent behavior, discipline, and classroom management in the 6th grade

1 December 1993


This is an investigation into the discipline methods and classroom management techniques used by one 6th grade teacher in an elementary school and how these methods and techniques are matched to adolescent behavior. I reviewed literature in the field of adolescent behavior, discipline and classroom management and encountered findings regarding appropriate and effective method. These methods can be applied in a classroom in order to provide a positive, learning environment for students. During the field observations, I found a successful, cooperative classroom where mutual respect existed between the students and the teacher, as well as among the students. discovered that this was primarily due to the teacher's grasp of discipline and management methods that aimed at preserving the adolescent student's self-esteem and at helping them develop a degree of autonomy and independence. This classroom offered concrete support for the findings of the literature review, that discipline with dignity and good classroom management coupled with a foundation of understanding of adolescent behavior can result in a peaceful classroom environment where learning can take place.


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