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Effectiveness of myofscial release and contract-relax proprioceptive neuromusuclar fascilitation in treatment of patients with chondromalacia symptoms

1 May 1988


The effects of myofascial release, a new technique on reducing restricted fascia, and contract relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on increasing the range of hip flexion, increasing skin temperature and decreasing pain were compared on thirteen patients exhibiting chondromalacia symptoms. Subjects were randomly assigned into myofascial release and contract relax groups. They received the originally assigned treatment on day one, and two day slater, the other treatment. Comparison of pretest and posttest measurements of the angle of straight leg raise where insignificant, however, both techniques increased in range. Skin temperature comparison was significant with myofacial release greatly increasing temperature. Pain relief occurred slightly more with myofascial release.


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