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Initial Development and Consultation Process for Pacific University's Interdisciplinary Health Clinic

27 July 2007


Pacific University's College of Health Professions expressed interest in developing an interdisciplinary health clinic. The clinic vision was to provide academic, research, and direct clinical care experiences to the students and faculty of the. professional programs. The existing programs plus two new programs represent disciplines that do not have a history of working together in an interdisciplinary health clinic environment. Each professional discipline has its own ethics, standards, referral basis, billing methods, student supervision requirements, and degree of independence of practice; factors which, if not addressed, could lead to dissention and a lack of integration in an interdisciplinary health clinic. An organizational development undertaking such as this required coordination and discussion among the existing professional programs. More specifically, it required a preliminary consultation to lay the foundation for future development efforts related t6 the formation of an interdisciplinary health clinic. The goal of this project was to identify issues and strategies for creating an effective interdisciplinary health clinic. This study was designed using two consultants to collect, analyze, and organize programmatic information and to provide recommendations regarding the development process of the clinic. The study design process necessitated that the consultants consider organizational process variables and factors that could influence the success of the consultation. Data was collected through reviews of similar clinics reported in the literature reviews of professional ethical codes and standards of practice, and interviews with school deans, directors, and selected faculty members. Results were focused on practical application to an integrated health clinic and the process of the deans and directors of the professional programs was discussed as a foundation for future, development efforts. The recommendations focused both on organizational process dynamics to ensure collective support for the development and implementation of the clinic as well as selected practice issues that require resolution during the development stage of an interdisciplinary health clinic on Pacific University's Health Professions Campus.


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