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Development of the Pacific University College of Optometry web site

1 May 1997


A World Wide Web site was developed for Pacific University College of Optometry as part of a student thesis project. The development began with a definition of the target audiences for the site and proceeded to the creation of actual Web pages. Total development time for the site was about 6 months of part-time work that included learning the Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) coding language, soliciting page materials from a variety of sources, and placing the site materials on the Pacific University host computer. An additional 6 months was spent modifying the pages, soliciting additional materials, and responding to e-mail questions received through the site. The success of the site is indicated by the fact that there were over 4,500 visitors during the first 12 months of operation. Estimates of development time required to produce the site indicate that each visit cost about $1.90 and that maintenance costs for the second year of operation will range from about $0.91 to $1.30 per visit. These costs are for personnel only and do not include computer hardware or telephone line expenses.


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