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Countertransference among psychodynamic therapists working with Latinos: A qualitative study

17 April 2009


A critical review of the literature indicated a dearth of research on how the relationship between the non-Latino Caucasian therapist and Latino patient is affected by cultural differences. Although there is an increasing number of studies and models that address the complexities of working with persons from different ethnic and cultural groups, none of the current literature has explored in depth the role of countertransference. In this study, the countertransference experiences of therapists were explored. The participants, non-Latino Caucasian therapists who practice psychodynamically, were interviewed about their work with Latino patients. The results indicate that these participants take into account the cultural values of their patients throughout treatment. In addition, the responses of some participants suggest that countertransference experiences may be affected by the therapist's adherence to certain Latino cultural values.


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