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Rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament: A retrospective study

20 May 1990


This study compared the degree of knee stability and period r of disability defined as the duration of physical therapy, I. among gender and various age groups following ACL reconstruction utilizing the patellar tendon as a free graft. The charts of ninety-three patients from 4 clinics/hospitals were reviewed retrospectively. Age, sex, duration of physical therapy, stability scores from the Lysholm questionnaire, and period from date of surgery to completion of questionnaire with an average duration of physical therapy and stability with sex and age. However, there was a significant difference between age groups with respect to questions regarding problems with squatting and swelling. The results of this study suggest that 1) knee stability and period of disability may not be jeopardized with respect to one's age or gender; 2) older ACL patients may experience more problems with squatting and swelling; and 3) further study is needed to evaluate the long term effects of knee stability following ACL reconstruction.


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