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The effect of extended wear contact lenses on corneal thickness and the endothelial layer

1 April 1986


Corneal thickness and the corneal endothelium were measured and observed during the extended wear of high (74 %) water content, medium (55%) water content, and low (38%) water content contact lenses. Thirty-nine patients were monitored for a five month period. Two different water content contact lenses were worn by each patient. The results of the study indicate no significant change in corneal thickness occured with any of the lenses . Endothelial cell density was not effected by any of the different lenses, but morphological changes, increased polymegathism, did occur with all. The degree of successful wear of extended wear contact lenses will vary among individual subjects. Only nine (23%) of the subjects were recommended for continued extended wear at the end of this study.


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