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Visual acuity in myopia

1 May 1991


Since 1945 evidence has been accumulating which shows that unaided visual acuity found in association with manifest myopia is variable. Reports of significant shifts in the unaided acuity of myopic persons has been observed in association with spontaneous "flashes of clear vision ," hypnosis, biofeedback, vision training, fading and feedback, and visual acuity training . A literature review updates the reports of variable acuity in myopia and discusses those mechanisms proposed to explain its incidence. A preliminary record review was conducted to define how closely a myopic persons unaided acuity is linked to refractive condition and to what degree this changes in association with myopic progression. Variability in unaided acuity for a given degree of myopia is documented. The degree to which unaided acuity changes in association with myopic progression remains inconclusive. The need for continued research in this area is demonstrated not only to further our understanding of myopia, but to also strengthen our knowledge of unaided visual acuity and its variability related to refractive condition.


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