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Vision screening procedures for the migrant population

1 May 1990


Vision care is neglected in certain populations, one of which is the migrant population. A cost effective means of providing the necessary care could be set up, utilizing the present system of facilities around the nation. Health care providers in such facilities can be trained to perform simple, but effective vision screening techniques and to refer any vision problems observed. To attain this - goal the Federal government initially provided the funds to produce a slide presentation and teaching manual. It proved to be quite successful, but to even better communicate the vision screening procedures to the health care workers, a supplemental video presentation was requested and subsequently funded. The format of the video includes a short introduction into each test sequence indicating the reason for the test and possible symptoms that the subjects may present. There will be an opportunity after each sequence to review the video and/or teaching manual and to practice the test with a partner. The manuscript itself consists of the actual script on the right column with a description of the action immediately to the left. The far left column consists of the accompanying pictures from the original story board. A glossary of the abbreviations used follows the script.


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