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Comparing the MMPI and the MCMI with a criminal population

20 July 1988


This study compares the MMPI with the MCMI utilizing a sample of 74 convicted criminals undergoing presentencing personality assessment. The study seeks to determine what relationship exists between MMPI scale 4 and MCMI scale 6, and whether MCMI scales 5 and 8 rise above the Base Rate Equivalent cutting score of 85 and are among the top two MCMI scores of the sample. Results indicate that an inverse relationship of moderate degree exists between MMPI scale 4 and MCMI scale 6, and that neither MCMI scale 5 nor 8 achieved was elevated to a diagnosable level. Although 5 was among the two highest scales,·8 was the lowes of basic personality scales. Caution is advised when using the MCMI with criminals. Scale 6 should not be used as the sole measure of antisocial personality. The author discusses ways in which the MCMl data may one day be used in coordination with MMPI data to refine diagnosis.


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