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Ophthalmoscopy precedural DVD

1 May 2006


Background or purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide optometry students with an additional means of learning the procedure of ophthalmoscopy. In addition, different learning strategies were investigated in attempt to come up with the best way to facilitate students in mastering the first year optometric procedures.

Methods: A video of the entire ophthalmoscopy sequence was put together and made available to first year students in the procedures class. The same students were given a survey to evaluate the efficacy of the video in helping them learn the procedure of ophthalmoscopy. The survey also contained general questions about strategies used to learn first year optometric procedures.

Results: The production of the DVD was successfully completed and distributed to current first year optometry students for a trial viewing before and during labs in which direct ophthalmoscopy was taught. After completion of the ophthalmoscopy section of the course, a brief survey was distributed to each student. Overall, comments and feedback were positive.

Conclusions: With further editing and resolution a final copy will be available for purchase to all incoming first year students. In the future, we would like this DVD to be available to other faculty and teaching institutions.


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