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A comparison of conjunctival bacterial populations of contact lens wearers vs. non-contact lens wearers

1 May 1974


Conjunctival swab samples were taken from each eye of 42 contact lens wearers and 60 subjects who don't wear. contacts. From the questionaire that each subject filled out, it was found that the majority of the subjects were male students between the ages of 23-30. Concerning the contact lens wearers' habits and hygiene, they responded that the majority had worn their lenses 3 years or more and currently wore their lenses above 14 hours per day. The bulk of the wearers either often or always washed their hands before handling their lenses, used separate solutions, and stored their lenses wet. From the samples that were taken, a lower incidence of bacterial growth was found among the contact lens group (although the difference was found to be statistically insignificant for = 0.025 and Z = 1.96). The conclusion from this study was that if proper contact lens hygiene and care was maintained, there would be no increase in bacterial conjunctival flora in the contact lens wearer.


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