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A study on fiurnal variation of corneal thickness

1 December 1977


Central corneal thickness measurements were taken on both eyes of seven subjects, every four consecutive hours, for as long as the subjects were available. The corneal thickness data were analyzed for influences of sex and age, ocular dominance in thickness, and periodicity of the corneal thickness fluctuations. Age and sex were two factors which did not affect the corneal thickness of the seven subjects. In five of the seven subjects neither eye seemed to dominate in corneal thickness, one subject consistently had the left eye thicker, and one subject consistently had the right eye thicker. No repetitive pattern or periodicity was discovered on any corneal thickness fluctuation of any subject. The fluctuations were on the order of ten percent of the mean corneal thickness in almost all subjects. A significantly high covariation of the corneal thickness fluctuations between the left eye and the right eye was found on five of the seven subjects.


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