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Proposing an Alternative: Analyzing Patient Perspective On Recycled Versus Ready-Made Glasses as a Global Refractive Error Solution

1 May 2018


Purpose: Refractive error impairs a large percentage of the world population and many populations do not have access to eye health care services. VOSH groups visit these underserved areas providing comprehensive eye health care, including prescribing options for refractive error correction. This study analyzes two of those options, recycled and ready-made spectacles, and details patient preferences.

Methods: 94 patients volunteered to be part of a survey process, that had patients compare and select recycled or ready-made glasses as their preference in independent questions regarding better vision, comfort, style, and overall choice of spectacles to take home.

Results: Statistical analysis showed the majority of patients preferred recycled spectacles in regards to better vision (63.8%), comfort (61.7%), and style (56.4%). It was also shown that this option was preferred overall (70.2%) as a prescribing option versus ready-made spectacles.

Conclusions: Our results showed that for each of the three independent aspects above, recycled glasses were preferable over ready-made to the majority of those surveyed. In addition, the majority also chose recycled spectacles as their overall preference/final choice of glasses to be prescribed. These results provide implications for shaping the future of VOSH prescribing options, based on patient preferences.


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