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Teacher culture: Does change lead to chaos?

28 September 1994


The study examines the effects that change has on teacher culture. In particular the study looks at one middle school and interprets the effects that changes, mandated by an outside entity, be it federal, state or local governments or even local organizations, has on the culture of a teaching staff and administration. This study contains information from published literature, numerous teacher and administrator interviews, classroom observations, team and staff meeting observations, as well as data obtained from a ten item questionnaire. The conclusions from this study found that continual forced change impacts teacher culture at a fundamental level. Forcing changes upon groups or individuals will naturally be met with reluctance and resistance. This study further suggests that without the awareness and inclusion of individuals directly involved, meaning the teachers, the outcomes of the change process will be disappointing and less than adequate. Finally, this study propounds that continual forced change only succeeds in creating dissension and animosity.


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