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Bringing it all together in authentic assessment

13 July 1993


"Bringing It All Together In Authentic Assessment," looks at the management of authentic assessment in two suburban elementary schools in their child-directed, multi-age classrooms in the Pacific Northwest. The qualitative research was conducted in ten classrooms at varied intervals during the school year of 1992-1993. The research focused on the following questions:

By what means do primary teachers set up their authentic assessment systems in their activity-centered, multi-age classroom?

What authentic assessment tools do teachers of multi-age classrooms use the most?

What are the special techniques that teachers have developed to manage their authentic assessments?

What methods do teachers use to readily retrieve student's authentic assessments?

The schools involved in the research study were just entering their first year of multi-age classroom and authentic assessment programs. The research begins with the implementation of the program to the last few weeks of the first year. The findings are from interviews of the teachers and observations in their classrooms. Some of the tools for authentic assessment that were studied were portfolios, informal and formal conferences and anecdotal reports. It was found that these tools were incorporated into the daily teaching and were looked upon as a form of teaching rather than separate assessments requiring a certain time to be administer.


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