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The reliability of the Nikon Retinomax K-Plus

1 December 1998


The Nikon Retinomax K-Plus combines an autorefractor and an autokeratometer into a single handheld, portable unit. This study assesses both the repeatability and the interexaminer variability of the keratometric measurements taken by the Retinomax KPlus. Six keratometric readings were taken on 75 subjects by two different examiners and compared using ANOVA analysis and a paired t-test. The results of the analysis showed no clinically significant difference between repeated measurements nor between examiners for either the horizontal or vertical powers. Axis measurements were also very repeatable with 89% of the subjects having a mean axis difference between 0° and 10°. The results of this study show the Nikon Retinomax K-Plus to be a very reliable instrument yielding consistent and repeatable measurements.


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