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Case Report and Short Term Follow-up of Valgus Deformity Osteoarthritis Treated with High Tibial Osteotomy

1 August 2004


From 1996 through 2004 closing wedge varus producing osteotomy of the proximal aspect of the tibia was performed on 17 patients for a total of 18 knees for painful osteoarthritis of the lateral compartment secondary to valgus deformity. The average length of time from initial surgery to follow-up was 2.2 years (range 5 months-5 years). Arthroscopic findings at the time of surgery showed no greater than grade II chondrosis of the medial femoral condoyle. Three knees had grade III chondrosis of the medial tibial plateau. Every patient exhibited extensive wear and tear of the lateral compartment with grade III to grade IV changes. Fourteen patients also had significant damage of the lateral meniscus.

Ten of the subjects reported minimal pain with no activity limitation or mild pain;' with slight activity limitations. The remainder reported pain scores between three and four on the pain scale used. Using the Activity Score of Tegner and Lysholm, fifteen patients reported a mean activity score of 5.6 (range 3-8). Thirteen of the patients reported being satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. Three were dissatisfied with the results and would not opt for surgery again. One patient received a total knee replacement seven months following the initial high tibial osteotomy surgery.


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