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Training with StrobeSpex: Their effects on ball-catching performance

1 May 1998


The visual enhancement effects of StrobeSpex®, a new product available to sports vision enthusiasts, was assessed. Even though this product is readily used by many teams and athletes who strongly believe in its ability to improve performance, no solid scientific documentation supports this effect. The impact that StrobeSpex® training may have on an individual's ability to catch tennis balls propelled from a tennis ball machine was examined. A series of pre-testing, training, and post-testing sessions were conducted to investigate StrobeSpex® efficacy. To do so, forty-four Pacific University College of Optometry students had their ball catching ability assessed using qualitative and quantitative scales during the testing sessions. Contrary to our hypothesis upon completion of a two week training phase, it was concluded that no significant improvement in ball catching by the experimental group (StrobeSpex® training) was found after comparing their pre-training and two post-training scores. The only statistical significance revealed from the post-tests was in relation to time, meaning that the groups performances improved with every testing session. This type of finding soundly indicates a learning effect occurred with testing. Future studies on the effectiveness of StrobeSpex® training need to be performed to statistically demonstrate their worth in performance enhancement.


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