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Effect of monovision contact lenses on reading eye movements, reading speed and comprehension

1 May 2002


Purpose. To extend our knowledge about how monovision contact lenses may affect reading eye movements, reading speed and reading comprehension.

Methods. A sample of 21 presbyopes was selected based on stringent inclusion criteria. Six trials of the Ober2 Visagraph were performed on each subject within hours of initiating monovision Rx. In three of the trials, the subject wore a distance vision contact lens correction with near reading spectacles; in the other three trials, the subject was tested wearing a monovision contact lens correction.

Results. Reading eye movements, reading speed and reading comprehension were measured by the Ober2 Visagraph. The Ober2 results indicated no difference in reading efficiency between the two conditions. Monovision and distance vision correction with near spectacles showed no significant differences in reading eye movements, reading speed or reading comprehension.

Conclusion. Monovision contact lens correction is a convenient modality for presbyopic correction and does not negatively influence reading efficiency as measured by the Ober2 when first worn. Further studies are needed to determine the effect of long-term monovision contact lens wear on reading.


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