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The advantages of using literature in the elementary school classroom

1 December 1992


Reading and discussing books is one way of humanizing our children. I am not so naive as to think literature will save the world, but I do believe it is one of the things that make this world worth saving (Huck, 1982, p. 316). There are many advantages to using literature in the classroom. These benefits involve personal enjoyment and appreciation along with increased academic growth. By introducing students to quality literature, teachers can aid students in developing a motivation to read. Literature can take children beyond mere literacy. The purpose of this project is to examine how literature is used in the elementary school and the strategies by which teachers employ literature. Data were collected through a review of current articles and literature on the subject and observations gathered in a first and fourth grade classroom. Findings suggest that there many ways for teachers to incorporate literature in the classroom. Literature is beneficial beyond merely teaching students to read. Literature provides an important model for writing, a vehicle for discussion, and an opportunity for classroom. sharing.


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