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Incidence of Crossover Sexual Behaviors in Convicted Sex Offenders

18 April 2008


Varieties of sexual offenses between groups of sex offenders were examined. Archival data from 123 convicted sexual offenders was coded for offenses of rape, child molestation, and non-contact sexual crimes. Hypotheses included that categorizing sexual offenders would reveal heterogeneity of prior sexual offenses, and that convicted child molesters would offend with the greatest variety of crimes. Examination of frequency analysis tables demonstrated that categorization of offenders based on present conviction is unreliable. Post hoc analyses indicated that sexual offenders with an index crime of rape endorsed a significantly greater variety of sexually deviant behaviors than did sexual offenders with an index offense of child molestation or non-contact sex crime. Observed consistencies and discrepancies between the present results and previous research are discussed.


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