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Information, Mediation, and Users: A View of the Internet’s Evolving Relationship to Information and Library Science

1 November 2010


In the realms of information, mediation, and users the Internet continues to have profound effects on information and library science. This article explores these effects through literature and research. It looks at whether information and library science have indeed come fully to terms with changes brought about by the Internet, or are still in the throws of contending with and adapting to this force that has taken over the field. Is the Internet an evolving force or have we already fully seen its effects on the field? If the Internet is still an evolving force to be reckoned with, then the questions for the field are many. What direction is it going? How quickly? What will mark its progress? What new kinds of information, organization, and access might we expect to see in the future? What sorts of technology will shape information delivery? What kinds of new mediation will be necessary in order to best meet patron needs? What kind of education will need to be put into place to train information professionals in this new mediation? And finally, what might we expect users to look like in the future and how will their characteristics in turn shape the field?


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