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At risk programs that help middle school students succeed

1 October 1993


Schools in the United States are facing an increased number of at risk children in their schools. This is due to the fact that a high divorce rate, increase of children living in conflict-filled families, and prenatal exposure to drugs are causing more children to suffer from psychological disorders. 10.2 million children suffer from one or more developmental, learning, or emotional disorder that affects their school experience. At risk students at Elmridge Middle School participate in many different programs that help them successfully cope with middle school life. At risk students need to experience interpersonal interaction, activity, discovery, integrated activities, and interests in their daily routine. These Piagetian concepts are important in helping at risk students improve. their self-esteem. A strong self:'esteem win enable at risk students to feel successful among their peers. This study explores the various programs offered at Elmridge that work with at risk students on social, academic, and family issues. The referral process is discussed including sample forms that are used in referring students to at risk programs.


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