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Comparison of stereoacuity with stereo optical and synthetic optics stereoacuity tests

1 May 1993


Comparison was made between the new stereoacuity tests produced by Synthetic Optics Corporation and the Stereo Fly and Reindeer produced by Stereo Optical Corporation using 49 subjects ranging in age from 7 to 68. The Synthetic Optics tests produce the perception of depth by the use of prism inlaid images and do not require the use of polarizing glasses as with the Stereo Optical tests. Comparison was made between the two companies and between the Synthetic Optics tests in and out of the plastic holder that houses the tests. Results showed that between 73-84 % of the subjects , depending on the test conditions achieved the same stereoacuity. Subjectively, the subjects found the Stereo Optical tests easier to use by an almost 2 to 1 margin. Even though most of the time the results between the two tests were close there were rare occasions where subjects show a significant decreases in stereopsis with the Synthetic Optics tests, creating a false positive for binocular dysfunction.


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