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Utilization of a One-Day Treatment Workshop for Body Dissatisfaction in College-Age Women

1 January 2017


Eating disorders are life threatening, chronic, and difficult to treat (Stice, 2002). Body dissatisfaction in women is a risk factor for developing an eating disorder at any age (Goldschmidt et al., 2016), yet body dissatisfaction treatment is not readily available for college-age women. It may be beneficial to offer treatment for college-age women as a way of reducing the likelihood of developing an eating disorder later in life. In order to address various barriers to treatment (e.g., money and time), the effectiveness of a one-day body dissatisfaction treatment workshop for college-age women was examined. This body image workshop included interventions that targeted factors that may lead to body dissatisfaction (e.g., the internalization of the thin ideal), while also utilizing interventions that targeted factors that help promote positive body image (e.g., body appreciation). Participant 1’s scores improved on each of the measures from Time 1 to Time 2, while Participant 2’s scores did not improve but were comparable to other college-age women. Both participants found the workshop to be effective and useful. These findings provide hope that eating disorder prevention programs for college-age women can be provided via one-day body image workshops.


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