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Solving the problem of the red eye

1 April 1992


This software is designed to aid the clinician and the student in the differential diagnosis and treatment of a red eye. The program, consisting of three disks, was designed with HyperCard v. 1.2.5 for the Macintosh computer. Included in the program are objective and subjective findings, diagnostic tests, suggested treatment regimens and any contraindications, follow-up care and prognosis for forty-five etiologies of a red eye. One of the major features of this program allows the clinician to enter subjective and/or objective findings. Given these findings, the computer will provide a list of possible ocular conditions. From this list, the clinician can select one of the possibilities listed in which he/she feels is most appropriate for that particular patient. At this point the program will proceed to a stack of information specific for the selected condition. Once a choice has been made, the clinician always has the freedom of returning back to the list of possible ocular conditions.


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